Wunderline and Friesenbrücke info box opened

Since December, the Wunderline and Friesenbrücke infobox has been open! This multimedia info box is on the construction site at the Friesenbrücke (Westoverledingen) and you can find out all kinds of things about both the Wunderline and the Friesenbrücke.  

Infobox over de Wunderline en Friesenbrücke
Photo: DB AG / Manuel Weidt

From touchscreens to train cabs
Immerse yourself in fascinating facts about the Wunderline and Friesenbrücke, via clear films and interactive touch screens. You can also learn more about the commitment to environmental protection in these construction projects. And to top it off, you can get behind the wheel in the cab yourself, take the train to the Netherlands, or sail a ship through the opened Friesenbrücke. If you are curious, after your visit you can join the project team for an exclusive tour of the construction site of both the Wunderline and the Friesenbrücke.

Treincabine in de infobox
Photo: DB AG / Manuel Weidt

Visits by appointment
Don't want to miss this unique experience? The infobox can be visited by appointment! Go to Deutsche Bahn for more information.