The Wunderline: borderless travel between Groningen and Bremen from 2025 on

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The Wunderline. A comfortable, borderless train connection between the north of the Netherlands and north-west Germany. The Wunderline is the gateway to one large, cross-border region in Europe. An important stimulus for unlimited cooperation, growth and exchange!

Over the coming years, we shall be improving the quality of the current railway connection between Groningen and Bremen. Our purpose? An efficient, comfortable, international train line. And stronger collaboration in an economic, social and cultural sense. And so the Wunderline will bring the two regions closer together.

This is what will be done

Over the coming years, we shall be ensuring an effective train connection between the northern Netherlands and north-west Germany.

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Collaborating for an attractive Wunderline

Unlimited and pleasant travel? We are making it work together.

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